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enter image description here How do you write this in latex?

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  • $\mathscr{E}(\Lambda)$, if I remember well, because the image is not very clear. – Sebastiano Jan 30 at 21:32
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    @Sebastiano It requires the mathrsfs package I think – Edoardo Serra Jan 30 at 21:36
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    @EdoardoSerra I have upvoted your comment: see my answer :-). – Sebastiano Jan 30 at 21:37

Here there is your image with LaTeX code.

enter image description here

  • I realized that, i forgot to use that package – Benjamin Jan 30 at 21:37
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    @Benjamin I hope I've helped you, but I'm also inviting you to read a guide to your first steps in LaTeX. You'll find lots of them on the net. My best regards. – Sebastiano Jan 30 at 21:40

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