I am writing my master's thesis and noticed that the spacing when using fractions is very small. T

\begin{equation} \label{ASF}    
f_{ij}^{t}=\dfrac{\sum_{d=1}^{365}(Unique\; daily-user\; searches\; for\; 
i\; and\; j)_d}{\sum_{d=1}^{365}(Unique\; daily-user\; searches\; for\; i\; 
and\; any\; firm\; j \neq i)_d}

Can someone help? I am using the equation environment for to labeling.


I had to make the necessary changes to your code because it is has not been inserted. I have added only \displaystyle which makes the fraction more readable for a best increase linespacing.

It is very important to know a complete MWE and compilable code. At last I have used fittingly \text in math-mode as you can see, which provides better readability during reading.

enter image description here

\usepackage{amssymb, mathtools}
\begin{equation} \label{ASF}    
f_{ij}^{t}=\frac{\displaystyle \sum_{d=1}^{365} (\text{Unique daily-user searches for } i \text{ and } j)_d}{\displaystyle \sum_{d=1}^{365}(\text{Unique daily-user searches for } i \text{ and any firm } j \neq i)_d}

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