I am writing a table in Latex. A reproducible example is as follows:

{\begin{tabular}{cc} \toprule
\textbf{Step 1:} & estimate p \\
\textbf{Step 2:} & sample a \\ 
\tabnote{\textsuperscript{a} $p$=a parameter}

But I got the following error:

"Undefined control sequence: \tbl"

. What is the solution?

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    Delete \tbl{RE}. – Sigur Jan 31 at 21:01
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    Welcome to TeX SX! Where did you learn about this command? – Bernard Jan 31 at 21:04
  • @Bernard it came with a journal template. – gultu Jan 31 at 21:05
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    Is this journal template available online? If so, where? – Mico Jan 31 at 21:06
  • the template (which you have not shown) presumably defined the commands you are using. – David Carlisle Jan 31 at 21:06

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