I want to have a small size color box with a label in it. This color box should have a fix width and length.

I have tried with \crule[blue]{24mm}{6mm}, which can have the fixed size but I don't know to add a label.

About the \colorbox I tried with following things.But the size changes with the size of label.

\setlength{\DepthReference}{4pt}%absolute value.

\newcommand{\MyColorBox}[2][blue] {%

I want to generate such style and try to keep them in a same line to form a table style.enter image description here

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  • Please provide a full, compilable but minimal document (minimal working example, MWE) not just some code lines. This makes it so much easier for others to code a solution and also test it right away. – Martin Scharrer Feb 1 '19 at 10:11
  • This should be possible with the adjustbox package, but without a MWE I don't have time to do all the coding right now. – Martin Scharrer Feb 1 '19 at 10:11

You could try with a tcbitemize from tcolorbox. This is just a minimal example to show how it works. You can adjust it to your taste.


\begin{tcbitemize}[raster columns=4, 
    sharp corners,
    colframe=gray!30, fontupper=\sffamily,  
    raster equal height=rows, size=small, halign=center, valign=center]

\tcbitem tuple count    
\tcbitem[colupper=cyan] sma offset\textsubscript{0}
\tcbitem[colupper=cyan] dict offset\textsubscript{0}
\tcbitem[colupper=cyan] data offset\textsubscript{0}

\tcbitem[colupper=cyan] compression\textsubscript{0}
\tcbitem[colupper=cyan] string offset\textsubscript{0}
\tcbitem sma offset\textsubscript{1}
\tcbitem dict offset\textsubscript{1}

\tcbitem data offset\textsubscript{1}
\tcbitem compression\textsubscript{1}
\tcbitem string offset\textsubscript{1}
\tcbitem[colback=white, colframe=white]\dots

\tcbitem[colback=white, colframe=white]\dots
\tcbitem sma offset\textsubscript{n}
\tcbitem dict offset\textsubscript{n}
\tcbitem data offset\textsubscript{n}

\tcbitem compression\textsubscript{n}
\tcbitem string offset\textsubscript{n}

\tcbitem[raster multicolumn=4, colframe=green]lookup table\textsubscript{0}
\tcbitem[raster multicolumn=4, colframe=green, colback=green, colupper=white, halign=right]Positional SMA index for attribute 0


enter image description here

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    Ah, you were quicker ... I had a similar idea... +1 from me, just for your idea and in order to prevent the O.P. to delete his question – user31729 Feb 1 '19 at 8:53

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