i've read this question Choppy equations with tex4ht and currently im displaying math as png pictures with the mybuild.mk4 file

Make:image("png$","dvipng -bg Transparent -T tight -D151  -o     ${output}  -pp ${page} ${source}")
Make:image("svg$","dvisvgm -n -p ${page} -c 1.4,1.4 -s ${source} > ${output}")

and compiling with

tex4ebook -c config.cfg -f epub3 -e mybuild.mk4 "%N%T"

but apparently this setup only works for the equation command in latex, not for align. Here's an example:

top is align, bottom equation. The equations are not centered and the baselines seem to get messed up. Furthermore, if the equation gets too long, instead of a linebreak or downscaling the label disappears





\varepsilon_{x}=\frac{1}{E}\cdot [\sigma_{x}-\upsilon \cdot(\sigma_{y} + \sigma_{z})] +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

\varepsilon_{x}=\frac{1}{E}\cdot [\sigma_{x}-\upsilon \cdot(\sigma_{y} + \sigma_{z})]


Is there a way to make it work with align? Unfortunately i already have a lot of align environments in my latex file


You can convert the whole contents of align and equation environments to pictures. It is supported out of the box using pic-align option for align, for equation you must use simple configuration:

\ConfigureEnv{equation}{\ifvmode\IgnorePar\fi\EndP\HCode{<div class="equation">}\Picture*{}}{\EndPicture\HCode{</div>}}{}{}

This configuration will insert equation as a picture inside <div class="equation">. Css is then used to align both environments to the right.

This is a result:

enter image description here

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