when i used this code in local layout (in Lyx) i got error:

Style myLaw
Category              MainText
Margin                Static
LatexType             Environment
LatexName             bluec
NextNoIndent          1
LeftMargin            MMM
RightMargin           MMM
ParIndent             MM
ParSkip               0
ItemSep               0
TopSep                0.5
BottomSep             0.5
ParSep                0
Align                 Block
AlignPossible         Block, Left, Right, Center
{\begin{mdframed}     [backgroundcolor=LightSkyBlue!50,linecolor=LightSkyBlue!50,roundcorner=0pt]\scriptsize\quotation}

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Presumably you're referring to an error saying that the LightSkyBlue colour is undefined?

While xcolor predefines many colours, most of them are available only if you add specific options when loading the package. See the xcolor manual for a complete list. LightSkyBlue is from the svgnames "collection", so you need


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