I'm trying to change the language in the datenumber package as described in the manual on page 3. Unfortunately datenumber doesn't hook into the babel translation but comes with its own translation mechanism. I tried to provide the datenumberngerman.ldf file but this doesn't solve the issue. I also tried german vs. ngerman.





%Ergebnis: 73780

In 10 Tagen ist der \datedate

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    datenumber is a very old package by now and has no updates since 2001. Most likely, you should switch to datetime2, which has babel language support. Try \usepackage[german]{datenumber} -- that works for me – user31729 Feb 2 at 17:45
  • @ChristianHupfer That works! If you'd like, make that into an answer, I'll accept it, if not I will write the answer myself. – Max N Feb 2 at 20:20
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    Go on ... I am no rep hunter and I don't need to answer any question I encounter here. Happy TeXing! But I think datetime2 is the better way to go for your problem... – user31729 Feb 2 at 20:22

Using the switch \usepackage[german]{datenumber} will change the format to German. For an alternative to datenumber which is last updated 2001, see datetime2. Kudos to Christian Hupfer for the comment.

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