I have no idea for reducing distance of dots (lines) in tikz dotted (horizontal lines) pattern. I find some similar examples in this website (like this), but it was so complicated. Can someone give me some hints?

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    Could you please list the codes that you found and explain why you do not like them? Otherwise there is a danger you will get the same answer again. – user121799 Feb 4 at 15:04
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    I have a hard time seeing how this is directly related to your question. This post discusses a random pattern of solid lines, doesn't it? And please add the relevant information to your question, and not in comments. – user121799 Feb 4 at 15:09

\pgfdeclarepatternformonly{mydots}{\pgfqpoint{-1pt}{-1pt}}{\pgfqpoint{1pt}{1pt}}{\pgfqpoint{2pt}{2pt}}% original definition: \pgfqpoint{3pt}{3pt}

\pgfdeclarepatternformonly{mynewdots}{\pgfqpoint{-1pt}{-1pt}}{\pgfqpoint{1pt}{1pt}}{\pgfqpoint{1pt}{1pt}}% original definition: \pgfqpoint{3pt}{3pt}

\draw[pattern=dots] (0,0) rectangle ++(3,3);
\draw[pattern=mydots] (4,0) rectangle ++(3,3);
\draw[pattern=mynewdots] (8,0) rectangle ++(3,3);

enter image description here

  • Very nice. And what about line case? Do i allowed to use this patteren without referencing in literatures? – C.F.G Feb 4 at 18:08
  • @C.F.G what does IT mean? – Ignasi Feb 4 at 18:18
  • IT? Information Technology?! :) . my means is copyright issues. – C.F.G Feb 5 at 6:00
  • @C.F.G You can use this code as you want. But, if it solves your problem, you could accept the answer ;-) – Ignasi Feb 5 at 8:32

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