I'm looking to do something like this in latex, I have tried different packages like wrap figure and wrap table but I can't seem to get it to work completely.

I want to do something similar to this.

enter image description here

So basically an image on a left and a table on a right that are both centered to each other.

I currently have the following code:

\caption{Table for test} \label{fig:test}
    Model & blurred \\
    $V_\mathrm{in}$ & blurred \\
    $V_\mathrm{out}$ & blurred \\
    $I_{\max}$ & blurred \\


Which is showing like this enter image description here

Thank you in advance.


see, if the following solution is acceptable to you:


\caption{Table for test} 
    &   \begin{tabular}{@{} ll @{} }
        Model & blurred                 \\
        $V_\mathrm{in}$     & blurred   \\
        $V_\mathrm{out}$    & blurred   \\
        $I_{\max}$          & blurred 

enter image description here

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