I have a book chapter that is accepted and I want to cite it on a conference paper that I should upload its camera ready today. What is the best way to cite it ? here is my bibtex.

      author={Names of authors},
   year= 2019, 
 chapter={chapter title}, 
   title= {Book Name}, 
   publisher= {Springer},
       Editor=  {Edited X and Y}
    Note= {Accepted and To Appear}


  • Though this is, strictly speaking, not a TeX/LaTeX issue, "In Press" is the best descriptor. This link with one of the popular answers leading here might be of help. – Partha D. Feb 5 at 5:21
  • The question of what the output should be is probably more suited for academia.stackexchange.com. The question of how to obtain that output would be on topic here. But to be able to help you with that we not only need to see the .bib entry we also need to know which bibliography and citation packages you use (cite, natbib, biblatex, ...) and which bibliography style you use. Please show us a short example document, a so-called MWE/MWEB. – moewe Feb 5 at 7:12

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