I 'm using MnSymbolpackage (for the uparrowtail) and also babel package (for text). The problem is that:

  • the "&" symbol disappeared and
  • the numberin in enumerate environment disappered,

as you can see below.

enter image description here

The log-file is here, and the code is:





Κείμενο 1 \& κείμενο 2.

    \item κείμενο 1
    \item κείμενο 2


How can I fix it?

Thanks in advanced!

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    @Kώστας Κούδας since you have been here for good amount of time now, it would be great if you consider accepting answers for your past questions! – Raaja Feb 5 at 11:52
  • It's not at all clear what the problem is. Anyway, you shouldn't load MnSymbol, that changes the appearance of all math symbols in shapes that clash with the text font. – egreg Feb 5 at 12:36
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    @KώσταςΚούδας If I compile your code, I get & where expected. – egreg Feb 5 at 21:33
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    Can't reproduce your issue. Please post your .log-file – DG' Feb 5 at 23:17
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    Mhhhh, as I say I get the expected output from your MWE. Your log file shows Missing character: There is no & in font tcrm1000!. The log file also suggests that your system is outdated, an update in user and admin mode might help (as always: an update directly before a deadline is risky). But I'm no font expert and this could be a different issue. BTW: The link to the second log file actually points to the the .tex file of the MWE, you may want to fix that. It might be nicer to combine both examples into one truly minimal MWE (is paralist needed or would (i) be enough?) – moewe Feb 6 at 8:39

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