I want to visualize a calculation based on two bar charts. For this I want to draw two bar charts side by side and a multiplication sign between both of them.

I wanted both axis environments and the multiplication sign to be nodes that I could position relative to each other using the positioning library but I noticed that the axis environments don't have a name that I could bind to.

This solution does the trick if everything is in one line. Positioning something below a chart would not be possible.

Is there a way to use relative positioning in my case?


A template for your answer could start with


at ={(0,0)}%this was intentional ;)

\node[right = 1cm of a] (b){$\times$};
\node[right = 1cm of b] (c){};
anchor=left of west,


which will give you:

enter image description here

Now, I hope you can start filling in the missing blanks to get whatever you need ;) happy Tikzing!

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