I am making a flow chart for poster in latex. Here is my code. My problem is that i am not getting arrow heads but only straight lines. Here is my code where i introduced my flow chart enter image description here

Here i introduced the shapes and arrow style.enter image description here This is what i am getting

enter image description here

I need arrows between Rectangles. Could you please tell that where i am getting wrong?.


This can serve as a starting point ...

\documentclass[tikz, margin=3mm]{standalone}

node distance = 4mm,
  start chain = going below,
  box/.style = {fill=#1, draw,
                text width=32mm, align=center,
                on chain, join=by arr},
  arr/.style = {thick, -Stealth, thick}
\node [box=red!30]      {xxx xxx xxx xxx};
\node [box=blue!30]     {xxx xxx};
\node [box=orange!30]   {xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx};
\node [box=green!30]    {xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx};
\node [box=gray!30]     {xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx};
\node [box=yellow!30]   {xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx};

 produced wit my MWE Since you not provide MWE (minimal working example: a small but complete document with your flowchart beginning with \documentclass... and ending with \end{document}, as you can see above) it is not clear how your flowchart should looks. So, for further help, please consider comments below your question.

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