I am getting to know the memoir class, as I understood this should be the most suitable one for a big project. On the other hand, I'm used to work with biblatex and I want to keep it this way.

I found the \chapterstyle{ell} nice and I would like to use it. However, at the end of the document I added:


which typesets the bibliography section but it also typesets an empty "corner" which is derived from the chapter style I'm using:

enter image description here

For reference, this is how a normal chapter looks like: enter image description here

How can I make it look nice? For example, typeset the Bibliography in the corner? Or any other suggestions? What would be the best practice here?


That basically has nothing to do with biblatex; it is the design for unnumbered chapters in the style you use, see MemoirChapterStyles (it make use of the same style). I like this design better as the text always stays in the same place which looks best when flipping through a document. But you can easily define your own style by copying the ell code from memoir.cls

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