I am looking for a Latex environment on the Mac platform that has good user experience. I currently use TexShop which is very bare bones. I would like an alternative that has the following features:

1) Autocomplete capabilities. For example, if I write \begin{theorem}, I should be able to hit tab and the corresponding \end{theorem} should be present.

2) Good detection of errors. TexShop is decent at identifying where errors are but I would prefer if I was told the an approximate region where the error is. For example, TexShop is really bad at identifying where missing brackets are.

3) 'Smart' compilation. I would like a desktop environment similar to Overleaf that compiles even if you have minor errors, such as in your bib file. TexShop in comparison throws an error if you have some mistake in your bib file. Even if you fix it, you have to delete all the extra files that TexShop created compiling the first time before you are able to compile correctly again.

4) A way to organize tex files. This would be a bonus feature. Like I said above, currently TexShop just dumps a bunch of intermediate files while compiling in the same directory which creates a huge clutter.

Any recommendations? I know I can just keep using Overleaf but I would really prefer a desktop environment that comes close to the UX experience of Overleaf. The software does not necessarily have to be free.

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    This is basically a dupe of the IDE question: such things are a very personal choice. Some of this is not really to do with the editor, e.g. the multiple files are a feature of LaTeX itself. – Joseph Wright Feb 8 at 17:06
  • @JosephWright Pointing to a reference to another question or giving a suggestion for an environment would be more appreciated – Sandeep Silwal Feb 8 at 17:18
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    Here is the list: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/339/latex-editors-ides and if you like overleave, then maybe you will like Texmaker – DG' Feb 8 at 17:26
  • TeXShop already has feature 1; see Help->TeXShop Tips and Tricks for more info. TeX can only detect a missing bracket when a violation of its expansion rules occurs which can be a long way from where the bracket should be so item 2 has nothing to do with TeXShop. Using recent versions of the latexmk based engines you can add parameters to the base engine, (lua/pdf/xe)latex, so that compilation goes to completion; you can’t change the behavior of bibliography compilation with those engines. – Herb Schulz Feb 8 at 18:42
  • Actually, you can change the behavior of the bibtex command by creating a platexmkrc file. See the documentation for the latexmk engines in ~/Library/TeXShop/Engines/Inactive/latexmk. Finally, if you use the Typeset->BibTeX menu item to run bibtex you can use the !BIB directive to add options to the bibtex; see Help->Comment Lines and Hidden Preferences. – Herb Schulz Feb 9 at 16:35

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