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I'm new using LaTeX and in this moment I have a problem with the next code, i appreciate your helping, next I will show u my code and then my error:


\usepackage[spanish, es-tabla]{babel}
%Paquetes necesarios para tablas
\decimalpoint                           %Usa como separador decimal el punto en lugar de la coma

\usepackage{subfigure}                                      %Crea subfiguras
\usepackage{color}                      %Paquete emplado para manipular los colores
\usepackage{fancyhdr}                                           %Encabezados y pies de pagina

\usepackage{listings}                     %Paquete para agregar codigo

%Formato del título de las secciones


%Creación del ambiente anexos

%Modificación del formato de los captions

%Paquete para incluir comentarios

%Paquete para incluir hipervínculos
            linkcolor = blue,
            urlcolor  = blue,
            citecolor = black,
            anchorcolor = blue]{hyperref}


        \textbf{\large Laboratorio de Hormigón I.}\\
        \textbf{\large Profesora: Lucia Salazar Estrada.}}

    \textbf{\LARGE{Práctica IV Mezcla del concreto hidráulico. }}\\
    \textbf{Desarrollo de ensayos para normas NTC 396 y NTC 1926}\\
        \textbf{\large{Juan Manuel Julio Bedoya}}\\
        Estudiante de ingeniería civil.\\
    \textbf{\large{Julián Andrés Lastra García}}\\
        Estudiante de ingeniería civil.\\
    \textbf{\large{Grupo 5}}\\




line 11 paragraph ended before \ProvidesPackageRCSiwascomplete.to be read again...

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  • Welcome to TeX.SE! When I replace minas.png with a file that exists on my system and compile your code with xelatex, I do not get any error. Which compiler do you use? In order to debug the error, you may remove all but the necessary packages, and then see what happens. – marmot Feb 9 at 22:11
  • 2
    please make a more reasonable test file: delete every package you can delete while still showing the error, however if I run your example i get no error other than the missing png file – David Carlisle Feb 9 at 22:11
  • also the log file will show which file you have locally that has the mal formed \ProvidesPackageRCS but you have only shown a small fragment so we can not see which package is in error. – David Carlisle Feb 9 at 22:13
  • I use miktex, and png is an image, but it doesn't really matter the error that i have it's in line 11 shows that paragraph ended before provides package rsc ain't comprehend that very well. – Julian Andres Lastra Garcia Feb 9 at 22:14
  • It is up to you to provide a test file that people can run to debug the error, if the image is not needed to show the error delete it from the example also do you really need txfonts or multicol to show the error, delete every packag ethat you can delete to make it easier to debug. but as I say show the log file which will show which file is in error., – David Carlisle Feb 9 at 22:15

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