When including a pdf in my document I use:


For some reason every time that I do this it wants to start the pdf on a new page. I would like to start it without going to a new page. Is this possible in LaTeX?

  • see tex.stackexchange.com/a/453497/170109 – user170109 Feb 10 at 23:54
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    Welcome to TeX.SX. Suppose that you are at the middle of a page when you entered your command \includepdf[pages=-]{myfile.pdf}, would you like LaTeX to put 1.5 pages into 1 page or start the included document at a new page? I see the second option to be logical. If you really need to insert the first page of the document at that very location, use includegraphics instead for the first page, then include the rest of pages. – AboAmmar Feb 11 at 0:01

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