In my main.tex I am requesting my preamble to be loaded through the command \usepackage{preamble}, which is in the same folder as my main.tex. My subfiles are located one folder below, e.g. MAIN/introduction/introduction.tex.

I would like to compile my subfiles as individual documents as well, but I get the error preamble.sty not found, which I presume is because I do not have a preamble.tex file located in my subfile folders, only in the main folder.

Is there a possible way around this? For example, would I be able to specify two paths for my preamble, e.g. \usepackage{preamble} when I am compiling my main document and \usepackage{../preamble} when I am compiling my subfile?

Thanks for the help.


My preamble is in .sty format, and I load it in my main.tex with \usepackage{preamble}. I am unable to write the same thing in my subfile document because AFAIK the layout of a subfile has to only have \documentclass[main.tex]{subfiles}. Otherwise, I would also write \usepackage{../preamble} in my subfile document.

My folder structure is as follows:


When I compile main.tex with \usepackage{preamble}, it works just fine. When I compile introduction.tex, I get the error that preamble.sty not found, even if I add \usepackage{../preamble}. I am using the subfiles package to create my subfiles.

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    Welcome to TeX.SE. The command \usepackage{preable} tells LaTeX to install a package (typically with extension .sty) named preamble... and so far as I know there is no such package by that name. If you want to include preamble.tex, just use \input{preamble.tex} instead-- if it is in the main folder with your main.tex, I think it should connect properly. – Partha D. Feb 11 at 4:39
  • To use the same preamble for the tex files in your subfolder, use \input{../preamble.tex} there. – Partha D. Feb 11 at 4:48
  • @ParthaD. Yes I've done that. My preamble is a .sty format and I load it with \usepackage. I have tried writing \usepackage{../preamble} in my subfile document to tell it to locate the preamble one folder above, but I am thrown an error. I suspect it's because subfiles is strict on the subfiles' layout (i.e. only \documentclass[main.tex]{subfiles}) is permitted. – Richard Gao Feb 11 at 7:15
  • @RichardGao Can you provide your folder structure? – MadyYuvi Feb 11 at 7:24
  • @MadyYuvi Absolutely. I've edited my original post, hopefully it's more clear. – Richard Gao Feb 11 at 16:39

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