I would like to create a GANTT chart that covers 3 years and (this is the issue) where I can create work packages in daily resolution. Currently, I'm at this point:



    % Tikz packages

    % GANTT plots
    \ganttset{group/.append style={blue},
    milestone/.append style={red},
    progress label node anchor/.append style={text=red},
    bar/.append style={fill=white!40!black!20,draw=blue}}


    \subsection{GANTT chart}
    % -------------------------------------------------
     \begin{tikzpicture}[scale=0.6, every node/.style={transform        shape}]
            bar label anchor/.append style={align=left},
            bar incomplete/.append style={fill=blue!40!black!20},
            bar progress label font=\mdseries\footnotesize\color{black},
            group label anchor/.append style={align=left, text width=25em},
            y unit chart=0.65cm,
            %x unit=0.5cm,
            milestone label anchor/.append style={align=left, text width=10em},
            Mile1/.style={milestone/.append style={fill=red}},
            time slot format=isodate,
            today offset = 0.5,
            today label=Today,
            today label node/.append style={anchor=north west},
            today label font=\itshape\color{red},
            today rule/.style={draw=red, thick, dashed}
      \gantttitle{My long project}{33}\\
      \gantttitlelist{1,...,10}{1} \ganttnewline
      \ganttmilestone{START!}{2019-02-18} \ganttnewline
      \ganttgroup{First group}                         {2019-2-18}{2019-4-31} \ganttnewline
      \ganttbar[progress=10]{First task in first group}{2019-2-18}{2019-3-31} \ganttnewline
      \ganttbar[progress=0]{Second task in first group}{2019-3-31}{2019-4-31}


This gives: GANTT over multiple years

Can anyone explain to me (1) why it cuts off at the very right and (2) how I get daily resolution over the 3 years?

Thanks much!!

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