I'm displaying some data with pgfplotstable in a beamer presentation for my history lesson.

The main font is SourceSansPro. I'm using it with \usepackage[semibold]{sourcesanspro} with default lining numbers for normal text.

But I'd like to use the tabular numbers in the tables. It appears I cannot change the math mode font to use SourceSansPro-TLF whitch is the variation with monospaced numbers. On the following example, it works only for string type columns.

Louis XIV was born in 1638.

column type=i,
columns/A/.style={string type},
A      B      C
123121 121121 718121  
456324 314123 192322
789425 141425 212422
101121 161121 223121

He died in 1715.

The result is looking like this:

enter image description here

I'd like tabular numbers of SourceSansPro like in the first column, and thousand separators too, like in the math mode columns.

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