1. In which latex editor I can see both command window and output in same screen?
  2. Is it possible to get output in Word not pdf?
  3. Is there any adds-in for latex in Word?
  4. Any translation command for languages?
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  • Ad 1. My current workflow is: Desktop-environment is LXDE. One window: leafpad-editor. Another window: Shell where I enter commands for starting (La)TeX-runs. Yet another window: pdf-viewer "Okular" which does automatically reload the pdf after compiling. Everything is on the same screen. You might be interested in David Kastrup's AucTeX – Ulrich Diez Feb 12 at 2:26
  • Presuming your "familiar" with "MS Word" Windows was designed to split screen and run as some users do a console, editor & viewer active at the same time. Both the main Tex distros on Windows have startup GUI launchers with the provided TeXworks editor/viewer & can call a shell console from the GUI launcher. MiKTeX you start with MiKTeX-console & on the left have both shell & editor icons. TeX Live Launcher also allows you to start a shell & editor. Both have some language support via configuration however note that TeX is very much English orientated (as are most support forums like this). – KJO Feb 12 at 3:55
  • (1) What do you refer to with same screen? Many editors, e.g. TeXStudio, have that option, it's even the same window. (2) No, TeX engines offer DVI and PDF output (and ConTeXt even XML) but direct Word output is not supported. (3) is off-topic for that site. (4) Sure, every online translation service will do, but which kind of integration are you aiming at? – TeXnician Feb 12 at 7:06
  • Any translation command for languages? Well yes, there are some options, but ask a specific question. – Tvde1 Feb 12 at 15:00
  • Word has its latex equations editor & there were older addins for powerpoint etc plus the two way commercial GrindEQ There are ways to insert a latex rendered page into word as an image like a scanned pdf & there are applications such as abbey reader that OCR a pdf to word but equations will need to be added by hand so whats the point if you are going to use word to publish a pdf – KJO Feb 12 at 19:11

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