enter image description hereI want to print text and equation like this in the image in latex but I am getting double script error with $.

1: How to combine text and equation in a paragraph in latex?

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    $i$ can be equal to $j$. ... \textit{Domino tiles} $\{P_{8(i-1)+1}, P_{8(i-1+2}, \ldots, P_{8i}\}$ [2] from the permutation, ... – Werner Feb 11 at 22:34
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    Consider reading some starter documentation on (La)TeX. Your question is fundamental to using (La)TeX, so you need some foundation... – Werner Feb 11 at 22:35

You can use $...$ or \(...\) to set inline math as part of paragraph text. I prefer the former:

enter image description here



$i$ can be equal to~$j$. The total number of pips~$p$ of a \emph{Domino
tile} is defined as $p(S_{ij}) = i + j$ \cite{domino}. The \emph{game} begins by setting
a constant permutation of the \emph{Domino tiles} ($P_{ij} = \pi(S_{ij})$)
that permits player~$i$ to take seven random \emph{Domino tiles}
$\{ P_{8(i-1)+1}, P_{8(i-1)+2}, \ldots, P_{8i} \}$ \cite{domino} from the permutation, at

  \bibitem{abc} First reference.
  \bibitem{domino} Second reference.


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