I believe in the past I have been able to preview my LaTeX code in R Markdown by just placing the cursor over the LaTeX chunk, but right now I'm unable to recreate that. Any idea how to turn that back on?


  • That must be particular to the IDE you're using. You'll have to find their issue tracker/mailing list to resolve/question that. – Werner Feb 12 at 3:57
  • Is this a question about RStudio? I've never seen such functionality myself. – Alan Munn Feb 12 at 3:57
  • 1
    @werner not necessarily. We answer lots of IDE specific questions here. But we do need to know the editor. – Alan Munn Feb 12 at 4:00

As far I know, this is a feature of Rstudio (and only of Rstudio?) that still work,at least in Version 1.1.463, but only for inline equations, not for any LaTeX chunk.


To have this preview be that this is enabled menu Tools > Global Options > R markdown:


Or for a single document in the configuration button:


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