I would like to write a book in which I put the solutions to some problems. I want to write the texts of the problem in some chapters at the beginning of the book and their solutions in other chapters at the end. Suppose I use the same title for the chapter with the texts and the chapter with the solutions: I would like to have, in the TOC, the following structure

                                  Texts         Solutions 
1 Chapter_Title...................Pag.x.............Pag.y

2 Chapter_Title...................Pag.z.............Pag.t

How can I get it?

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    The easy solution is to not use \tableofcontents. Instead create your own (tabular) table of contents. Put a \label after the \chapter and \section and use \pageref to get the page numbers. The chapter numbers and titles are also stored in the aux file, but it will take a bit of effort to extract them. – John Kormylo Feb 12 '19 at 16:27

The following builds on John Kormylo's comment about manually setting the ToC

enter image description here




\setchaptocgap{3pt plus 1pt minus 1pt}









\chapter{First chapter}\label{ch:first}

\chapter{Second chapter}\label{ch:second}

% ========= SOLUTIONS =========

\chapter*{First chapter solutions}\label{ch:first:sol}

\chapter*{Second chapter solutions}\label{ch:second:sol}


I've added some customisation, but there's plenty you can add yourself.

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