I have been working on my personal CV for quite a while and now I am stuck at this point where I can not fit two pages into one. As you can see in the link below the section that I am trying to squish into a single page is roughly small, so I reckon that there may be one solution for that.

I provided code : here

First I have tried to decrease the spacing size between items at the beginning of the list under the section "Linguistics":

\itemsep -0.5em \vspace{-0.5em}

Then I have tried to use:


None of the methods worked. If you have any ideas of how am I supposed to modify the code I would appreciate that!

  • You can add \setlength\itemsep{0.01em} after each \resumeSubHeadingListStart which will minimize the space between the items, but you will have to shorten your CV anyways to fit in on one cite. – Felix Phl Feb 13 at 12:09
  • To literally fit two pages into one, use pdfpages. See also tex.stackexchange.com/questions/244348/… – John Kormylo Feb 13 at 18:29

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