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I've used both hyperref and url to enable href and url, but heard that they're redundant. Also I realized that ordering \usepackages matters. For example,


applies doublespacing to footnotes, while


doesn't. So I'm trying to review all the preamble I've used to detect any unnecessary repetition or improper arrangement. Here's the code.

\usepackage[margin=1in]{geometry}      % Give 1 inch margins
\usepackage[doublespacing]{setspace}   % Use doublespacing and enable SPACING
\usepackage[pdfpagemode=UseNone,       % Suppress bookmarks in Acrobat
    pdfstartview=]{hyperref}           % Use a default zoom
\usepackage[round]{natbib}             % Alter brackets by parentheses
\usepackage[font=footnotesize,         % Make captions smaller
    labelsep=period,                   % Alter Table 1: by Table 1.
    skip=0pt]{caption}                 % Tune the gap between captions and tables
\usepackage[input-decimal-markers={.}, % Use decimal alignment
    group-separator={,},               % Give thousand separators
    parse-numbers=false]{siunitx}      % Use a math mode for S columns
\ExplSyntaxOn                          % Make SIUNITX be compatible with TABU
\usepackage{pdflscape,                 % Use a landscape mode with rotation
    xcolor,                            % Enable COLORBOX
    amsmath,                           % Use usual math syntax
    amssymb,                           % Use some math symbols
    amsthm,                            % Use theorem-like environments
    textcomp,                          % Enable TEXTMINUS
    cancel,                            % Enable CANCEL
    tabu,                              % Enable TABU and the X columns
    booktabs,                          % Enable TOPRULE, MIDRULE, BOTTOMRULE
    multirow,                          % Enable MULTIROW
    graphicx}                          % Enable INCLUDEGRAPHICS
\setlength{\fboxsep}{0pt}              % Tune the padding setting of COLORBOXs
\theoremstyle{plain}                   % Apply PLAIN to these NEWTHEOREMs
\newtheorem{definition}{Definition}    % Enable DEFINITION
\newtheorem{proposition}{Proposition}  % Enable PROPOSITION
\newtheorem{hypothesis}{Hypothesis}    % Enable HYPOTHESIS

I'd appreciate any single comment in advance.

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  • Some packages (usually which provide similar types of features) may require a specific order, other than that the order is usually irrelevant. One exception to the rule is hyperref which, aside very few exceptions, should be the very last package to be loaded. Related: tex.stackexchange.com/q/1863/134574, and tex.stackexchange.com/q/4515/134574 – Phelype Oleinik Feb 14 at 16:03
  • 1
    Real quick: it's not true that hyperref and url are redundant. Each package provides some functionality that the other does not. For sure, though, url must be loaded before hyperref. Indeed, as @PhelypeOleinik has already pointed out in a comment, with very few exceptions hyperref should always be loaded last. (One important exception to this rule is the cleveref package...) – Mico Feb 14 at 16:05

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