I am writing my thesis and I would like to make a separate document for my Appendices. Currently I have one document, where I work on the entire document. Once everything is finished I will copy the document, change the main.tex and create the appendixes-document.

However, for the main document I am struggling to solve the following issue:

I do not want to include the (Figures and Tables listed in the) Appendices in the Table of Contents (List of figures and tables). However, when I exclude the appendices, all my references turn into '?', which I try to avoid. Is there a to not show the appendices in the ToC/LoF\LoT?



  • You are not showing any line of code. Excluding of the appendix will of course 'cut' the references to ?. The easiest way to bypass this seems to be using the xr package, and separate the appendix into a another compilable document, say, thesisappendix.tex , compile this and say \externaldocument{thesisappendix} in the preamble of your remaining thesis document. – user31729 Feb 15 at 7:59

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