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How can I change the TOC to display Figure: X and Table X? Also if you notice in the header there is a somewhat fancy header with the name and a horizontal line, I would like to get that too.

I currently have like this like. enter image description here

And I want to make it look like this. enter image description here enter image description here

Can someone help me?

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  • So I manged to get Table and Figure in there. Using \renewcommand{\cftfigpresnum}{Figure\ } \renewcommand{\cfttabpresnum}{Table\ } \newlength{\mylenf} \settowidth{\mylenf}{\cftfigpresnum} \setlength{\cftfignumwidth}{\dimexpr\mylenf+2.5em} \setlength{\cfttabnumwidth}{\dimexpr\mylenf+2.5em} missing only the header now :) – user3874252 Feb 15 at 20:12
  • Can anyone help? – user3874252 Feb 20 at 14:44