I am trying to clean up a LaTeX file that has a lot of images. Many of them are included within a minipage in a figure:

        \caption{This is the caption}

I do not understand why this is done and would simply remove the minipage -- the result seems to be the same. But I am curious whether I may have missed a deeper reason?

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    In my opinion, it is useless! – CarLaTeX Feb 15 '19 at 20:21
  • if cleaning up the source you should most likely change [!ht] as well. ! should only be used in exceptional cases, and mostly if you use the optional argument, it should include p. – David Carlisle Feb 15 '19 at 21:28

Your title asks abiut a minipage with a single image. A minipage with a single image and a \caption is useful, and can be positioned by various means.

But your example is of a figure enviornment that just consists of a single minipage that contains no footnotes, the minipage is doing nothing useful in such a case. Arguably if your document has a lot of notes in captions and is using minipage to allow \footnote to be used, then it might make sense to always use a minipage in case you want to add a footnote, but as shown, the minipage is doing nothing.

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