I hope it's okay to start a new question, as there are similar ones, but not this exact one (afaik).

It all started with this guide, which is exactly what I need for my paper :) Glossaries with CJK characters and which I tried to restructure to use it with LuaLaTeX instead of the original pdfLaTeX: Define special sorting for Lualatex glossaries in Japanese?

Now, I am facing a way more basic issue, which I would like to tackle first, before trying to build that "dual glossary beast" (in a positive way :D), since it didn't work for me and I was trying to get to the problem's roots.

I tried using the most simple MWE of the first link using glossaries-extra (compiling as pdflatex).





  src=testcjk,% bib file
  sort={ja-JP}% locale





with the bib file

  description={square root}

The problem is now, when I run Bib2Gls, it creates a glstex file with wrong characters. Instead of


it compiles (this is just a section of the whole glstex file, which includes the wrong character)



plural={square roots},
{square root}%

{descriptionplural={square roots},
{square root}

Thus, if I then recompile pdflatex, it gives me result

I realise, the question relates to the questions asked in the links above, however, this one is more precise in the problem I am facing and the other ones could not really solve my problem.

Thank you and sorry!

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