How to display the contents page in middle of the page and in large size than the other font size within the article?

I have used the command \tableofcontents.

The output is as follows:

enter image description here

  • Are you displaying the desired output, or the actual output? – Werner Feb 18 at 7:51

Adding \vspace*{\fill} before and after the \tableofcontents, and a \newpage after the second \vspace*{\fill}, is an easy way to achieve this:

    % May also want \newpage here (e.g. if title page before toc)
    \newpage % Page break between toc and first section
    \section{Abstract Algebra}
    \section{p-adic numbers}
    \section{Algebraic Closure}

As noted in the code, if you have content before the toc (e.g. a titlepage), you will also want a \newpage before the first \vspace*{\fill}.



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