Captions are set up like Figure 1. Caption, I need it to be Figure 1. <text> Caption, with the same text to all figures, and I need it to be part of the caption, not figure name **.

I tried with what I know and did

\renewcommand{\caption}[1]{ \caption{<text> #1} }

And that didn't work because all the captions in my text are written as \caption[shortcaption]{caption}. Found this question which was really insightful, but I couldn't make it work with changes I thought of doing.

Clearly, I need to define caption correctly by including \shortcaption in the redefinition but I don't know how to do that.

How do I prepend text to caption as explained above? Thanks!

** This is a workaround I found for another problem. In book class, using a template I didn't write and can't change for my thesis, captions are not justified even with the correct package settings. But they do justify if before writing the caption I add the code \vspace{0pt}\justifying\noindent. So, I want to prepend that to my caption command and avoid writing it every time.

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    Your redefinition creates a circular referencing of \caption which will trigger an infinite loop. Using \Caption instead, newly defined as \newcommand{\Caption}[1]{ \caption{<text> #1} } could be a way out. – Partha D. Feb 19 '19 at 3:34

The easy solution is to use the caption package.

\DeclareCaptionFormat{silly}{#1#2<text> #3}
\usepackage{blindtext}% MWE only

\caption[short caption]{\blindtext}


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