I want to define a command, lets say

This is a .... very long quote

that has a solid colored (in my case light gray) background, and ideally a colored line on the left side.

however, it should allow formatting and should break pages just like normal text. At the moment, I am using a colorbox that just continues on the same page on and on until there is no "paper" left.


  • I think you need \usepackage{tcolorbox}. – Sigur Feb 19 at 17:58

Here you have an example with tcolorbox. Colors and margins can be easily adapted.


    sharp corners,
    borderline west={2pt}{0pt}{red!80!black},






enter image description here

  • @Tobi Thank you for accepting my answer. I've changed it after your acceptance because the new solution doesn't show the frame artifact behind the box. Hope it helps. – Ignasi Feb 19 at 18:25

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