In response to the previous question I'd like to share my error with the maintenance options of MiKteX. Whenever I try to start the package manager, settings or update menu I get a message saying the shortcut is missing. Furthermore, there is NO MikTeX Console installed.

What can I do to regain access to these programs? I added a printscreen of my startmenu as well.

MikTeX Start Menu

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    The programms are gone. Delete the links, they do nothing. Then search the miktex console, normally it should be in the same folder as miktex-pdftex. – Ulrike Fischer Feb 20 at 21:23
  • Yes, I found MikTex console. On my laptop it is the following file path: D:\Applications\Protext\Program\miktex\bin\x64. Within this folder you have to search for "miktex-console". Thank you for your answer! – Tom Feb 20 at 21:39

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