I'm trying to split an image and its caption across two minipages, but the caption is running into the right margin of the page:

\documentclass[a4paper, 12pt]{article}

\usepackage[margin=2cm, left=2cm, top = 2cm, bottom=2cm]{geometry}
\usepackage{amsmath, mathtools}





\captionsetup{font={normalfont},labelfont=footnotesize, width=.6\textwidth}
\newcommand\mc[1]{\multicolumn{1}{c}{#1}} % handy shortcut macro
\newcommand\cjaa{Chinese Journal of Astronomy \& Astrophysics}
\newcommand\pasp{Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Publications}
\newcommand\apj{The Astrophysical Journal}

The original spectrum, taken by Green and Schmidt, is shown in Figure \ref{fig:3c273 spectrum}.\\
        \includegraphics[width=0.9\textwidth]{"../3c273 spectrum"}
        \caption[3C 273 spectrum]{Spectrum of the quasar 3C 273. Comparison spectrum is H + He + Ne. Redshifted emission lines of H and O\textsc{iii} are indicated.} \label{fig:3c273 spectrum}
Correcting for cosmological expansion yields a redshift for 3C 273 of 0.154, close to the


enter image description here

I've based the code on an answer from this question (the "direct and robust method"). I like this method for its simplicity, so I'd like to just adjust it slightly if possible.

How can I stop the caption from running into the margin? I've tried several different value of minipage and graphics width.

EDIT: put compilable code into the question.

  • Could you please post a complete compilable code?
    – Bernard
    Feb 21, 2019 at 20:28

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You defined the caption width to be 0.6\textwidth outside the minipage.

\captionsetup{font={normalfont},labelfont=footnotesize, width=.6\textwidth}

If you remove the width definition (width=.6\textwidth) you will get the behavior you're looking for.

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