I had been using TeXnicCenter for Windows with MikTeX for a while now and I decided to use a different IDE to check out better IDEs for LaTeX.

I decided to download Visual Studio Code along with the extension LaTeX Workshop. I want to integrate all my settings from TeXnicCenter to VSCode, specifically, I want to use Minted and Asymptote (prioritizing Minted in this post). I took a look at this stack exchange post and the LaTeX Workshop wiki but I still don't understand much of what to do.

Since I'm still very new to VSCode, can someone, step-by-step, show me how to implement the following above in VSCode, in particular Minted?

Additionally, I used MikTeX on TeXnicCenter, is there a way for VSCode to use MikTeX?

  • That's a lot of changes MiKTeX is the core so you need to keep that to compile (it has the built in editor / viewer anyway for testing everything latex wise) Now you want to switch IDE so you are going to use Workshop for VS code to do the driving of MiKTeX, that may possibly require some Java knowledge and for coloring you want to use minted with pygments which then needs python 2 or 3 as its engine that's a lot of languages to learn I am running all those and more from one usb stick so I can add/drop each part at will but I have no idea how well they work together for enhancing productivity – KJO Feb 24 at 0:28

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