Anyone that knows why entrytype "@Standard" does not exist in JabRef (anylonger?)?


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    Did you customise the entry types? (help.jabref.org/en/CustomEntryTypes) Are you in BibTeX or biblatex mode? If you are in biblatex mode presumably @standard is not shown by default because it is (ironically given its name) a non-standard type that has no dedicated support by the standard styles of biblatex and falls back to the @misc bibliography style. – moewe Feb 22 at 10:57
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    JabRef does not yet parse the bst file to adapt the UI accordingly. It makes assumptions based on the standard bsts. We are aware that this causes confusion, but we don't have a solution yet. Help welcome. – koppor Feb 22 at 15:56
  • @moewe I have to check the link that you shared. I have to check which mode I use. How do I do that btw? – Lars Abrahamsson Feb 23 at 20:13
  • JabRef shows the mode of a .bib file amongst others in the title of the window "(biblatex mode)" or "(BibTeX mode)". In the File menu you can switch to the other mode. – moewe Feb 24 at 6:34

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