In ConTeXt, it seems that \startalign and \startcases are not compatible. If so, what should I do when I want to align an equation containing a case-statement and a following equation?


\startalign % < -- Causes compilation error
\NC f(x) \NC
\NC 1, \MC x >0 \NR
\NC 0,\MC x \leq 0 \NR
\NC g(x) \NC =x^2 +2x +1
\stopalign % < -- Causes compilation error


Each line of a multi-line math align environment must be of the form:

\NC .... \NC .... \NR

So, you have to close the first line with \NR after the case environment:

\startformula \startalign
  \NC f(x) \NC =  \startcases
                      \NC 1,  \MC x >  0 \NR
                      \NC 0,  \MC x >= 0 \NR
                  \stopcases  \NR
  \NC g(x) \NC = x^2 +2x +1   \NR
\stopalign \stopformula

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