I was trying to get a good autocompletion in Kile. Therefore I made a .cwl file and used this to store all the words that I regularly misspell. I also turned on 'Auto completion for abbreviation' so that it works completely automatically. For example if I write 'teh' instead of 'the' I want it to automatically correct this. So far this works but now I want to add that Kile only does the auto completion if I type a whitespace after the misspelled word. I want this so that if the characters 'teh' exists in other words that I write of course I don't want Kile to correct that. I tried this by writing the following into the .cwl file:

teh =the %C

The %C is the syntax for where the cursor is meant to be after the auto completion. However, when I type 'teh ' Kile doesn't do the correction automatically. The only way so far is to write 'teh' and then to accept the suggestion with enter. Does anybody know how to reach that you basically need the whitespace as a confirmation for the word replacement? I know that in the hot-keys section you can use the spacebar as hot-key for expanding the abbrevation but then the spacebar doesn't work for anything else which is not exactly what I wish.

I think the best way of doing this would be to make the whitespace part of the misspelled word as I tried above but if anybody knows another way of reaching this I'd be happy too.

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