Following the advice in How to Package Your LATEX Package by Scott Pakin I am recording changes to a package I maintain, similar to the following:


\changes{0.1}{2018/01/01}{Added a shiny new macro}


However, if I eventually want to remove the \somemacro command in version 2.0 of the package, I would like to be able to retain the old change history but not show the macro in the package otherwise.

Is there some way to hide the \begin{macro} from rendering the macro name in the sidebar, or remove the \begin{macro} entirely and manually specify the macro that the change lines should be under in the changelog (so that they don't just show up under the general one)?

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    I think you can replace \begin{macro} by \begingroup\edef\saved@macroname{\string\somemacro}% (untested as you didn't supply a test file....) – David Carlisle Feb 24 at 17:12
  • Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, any changes inside that \begingroup\endgroup don't seem to show up at all (not even in the "general" section of the change log) – Sam Whited Feb 24 at 17:20
  • The DTX format really dates from the days when one wouldn't actually remove the lines at all, but rather comment them out. That goes with the fact that in (La)TeX someone will depend on every single internal macro you have ... so you probably have to keep some record of all of them in the sources. – Joseph Wright Feb 24 at 17:30
  • @SamWhited macro doesn't do anything much other than print the name and set up that indexing so something along those lines will work, but as I say above no example no test. – David Carlisle Feb 24 at 17:33

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