I'm trying to modify the code of Andrew's answer here, which implements a solution to get a hanging footnotes where the indent of the text increases with the footnotemarker.

What I am trying to change in the code is to print the footnote marker in normal font instead of superscript (while at the same time not breaking anything else):

% !TEX TS-program = xelatexmk

\usepackage[bottom,hang,splitrule,multiple]{footmisc} % setspace must be loaded before

\setlength{\skip\footins}{1\baselineskip} % Between main text and note rule
\setlength{\footnotesep}{1em} % Between footnotes [= previous] % Was: \skip\footins

% Patch to make hanging indent of footnotes dependent on width of footnotemarker
% From here: https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/79039/extra-space-between-footnote-numbers-and-content-for-high-count
          \@makefnmark\hskip-\footnotemargin      %%Changed here
      \linewidth \columnwidth
      \advance \linewidth -\leftmargin
      \parshape \@ne \leftmargin \linewidth
        \hb@xt@ \footnotemargin{\hss\@makefnmark}%
          \llap{\hb@xt@ -\footnotemargin{\@makefnmark\hss}}%


Some text.\footnote{\lipsum[7-8]}
Some text.\footnote{Footnote text.}
Some text.\footnote{Footnote text.}
Some text.\footnote{\lipsum[7]}
Some text. 

I've tried with \def\@makefnmark{\rlap{\normalfont\@thefnmark}} (see outcommented in MWE), but that clearly doesn't work. It breaks the flexible indent, and also the backreference provided by \footnotebackref.

More generally: Is footmisc the right way to go here? Or is there maybe a simpler solution with another package?

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