I am using the code provided in this question regarding coloring citations.

The problem is that I don't know how to make (redefine) the cite command to add parentheses around the year


Here is a simple hack, defining a colortextcite command, based on \textcite:


\usepackage[backend=biber, uniquename=false, maxbibnames=99, maxcitenames=2, citestyle=authoryear, bibstyle=authoryear]{biblatex}





  author = {Bartolini, Stefano AND Mair, Peter},
  title = {Identity, Competition and Electoral Availability. The Stabilization of European Electorates 1885-1985},
  publisher = {Cambridge University Press},
  year = 1990,
  address = {Cambridge},



Text \cite{bartolini-mair-1990} text

Text \parencite{bartolini-mair-1990} text

Text \colortextcite{bartolini-mair-1990} text



enter image description here

  • i need to learn how to create my own command/macros...the problem is that i don't know where to start and i don't understand their syntax (e.g. in your hack i don't understand the purpose of [1] and #1 – Yorgos Feb 25 at 12:10
  • [1] is the number of arguments of the macro, and inside the definition of the macro, #1 denotes this argument (which here is replaced by the biblatex key). This being said, you can find lots of tutorials on tug.org. – Bernard Feb 25 at 12:24

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