% Compiled by XeLaTeX
,(10,0)="B";"A" **\frm{^\}}

generates an asymmetric bracket, how can I get a symmetric one?

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    (1) welcome, (2) as always on this site please post a full minimal example that others can copy and test as is. Btw: nowadays things are a lot easier if you switch to tikz instead. Tikz-cd is equivalent to xy – daleif Feb 25 at 17:52
  • $\overbrace{\hspace{40pt}}$ unless you need more in the xy picture, which you should then show. – egreg Feb 25 at 18:14
  • From the Xy-pic manual: braces are just the standard plain TeX large braces inserted correctly in Xy-pic pictures with the ‘nib’ aligned with the reference point of the object they brace. – egreg Feb 25 at 18:18
  • To daleif: Thanks, I've found solution through tikz-cd; – HZ.Zhang Feb 26 at 14:12
  • To egreg: Actually, I did read that words in the manual , but I don't understand what's the meaning of 'nib', and don't know how to adjust the bracket – HZ.Zhang Feb 26 at 14:15

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