In an earlier question, I defined a modified version of the quoting environment using \tcolorboxenvironment.

But now I want a different, and hopefully better, modified version of the quoting environment, while leaving the original altered version in place for backward compatibility purposes.

I thought I'd called the second one boxquoting. And I also want to redefine it using \tcolorboxenvironment.

It seems like first making a copy of the quoting environment called boxquoting, and then altering that using \tcolorboxenvironment was the correct approach.

Does the following example test code look correct?

I used Duplicating Environments and When to use \LetLtxMacro? for reference.

The upshot seems to be that using \LetLtxMacro is best from a defensive point of view, though I did not understand the nuances.



% Keep this modified version for backwards compatibility

  boxrule=2pt,sharp corners,breakable,skin=enhanced,colback=white}

% Now want to create a different environment, also based on the
% quoting environment, called boxquoting.

% First, make a copy of the quoting environment called
% boxquoting.


% Then modify it with \tcolorboxenvironment

  beforeafter skip=\baselineskip,
  boxrule=2pt,sharp corners,breakable,skin=enhanced,colback=pink}


Some text.
  Original modified quoting environment
Some more text.\\
And yet more.\\
And yet more.
  New modified box quoting environment.
Yes more text.


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