I had a Texmac 2017 installation and Texstudio via macports.

Recently I have to install lyx via macports, but lyx installed a Texlive basic 2018. Two texlive installed but no properly worked My priority was not lyx.

I installed Mactex (texlive 2018)

I moved /usr/local/texlive/2017 to the trash (Finder: Go/Goto Folder (Ir/Ir a la carpeta..))

sudo port uninstall lyx
sudo port uninstall --follow-dependents texlive-bin

and texlive common, texlive-basic, and 4 TexStudio installed. and finnally

sudo port install texstudio

After that things work again. Thanks everybody, particularly @quark67

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    The lyx port from macports has probably installed the basic variant of TeX live 2018 (macports.org/ports.php?by=library&substr=texlive) which seems doesn't have the (by the way obsoleted) datetime package (replaced by datetime2). Depending how good is your internet connexion, you could either uninstall TeX live 2018 installed by lyx port, and keep TeX live 2017 (if not removed), or install a full TeX live 2018. More instructions later, after your answer. Instead use macports, you could also use graphical installation (with MacTeX and the LyX graphic installer) if you like. – quark67 Feb 26 at 1:26
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    In your title, is "texmacs" the editor (similar to your Texstudio) or a typo for "MacTeX" (the specific TeX live distribution for Mac)? Probably the latter, as you write "OR texlive". Can you confirm and correct the title if necessary? – quark67 Feb 26 at 1:33
  • @JOM I don't know anything about macports, but I would be very surprised if the official version of LyX for macOS installed TeX Live without your permission. – scottkosty Feb 26 at 6:18
  • @quark67 I use macports because a year ago traied to use TXS from within the MacTex Texlive 2017 and did not work, always crashing. But TXS do work via macports and Texlive (Mac). Thanks. I think I will uninstall texlive from macports (there are issues like "texlive-plain-extra has been replaced by texlive-plain-generic; please install that instead." and then when trying to install texlive-plain-generic, report "obsolete port". Thanks, I changed the title. – JOM Feb 26 at 12:22
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    @JOM Can you see in the log of the compilation what distribution and date of it is used? This information is in the first lines of the log (it begins with "This is ..."). Have you installed the full version of MacTex 2018 or the basic version? Have you also removed the TeX live 2017 from macports? Another thing: have you tried to compile your ˋ.tex` file with TeXShop app (installed with MacTeX on /Applications/Tex)? In Terminal app, what is the output of ˋwhich pdflatex`? – quark67 Feb 27 at 4:05

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