The koma-moderncvclassic package would in principle be the specific solution to this question (having a CV based on class moderncv in your thesis without including a PDF).

However, importing the package changes the document settings and thus interferes with the whole document.

Is there a nice way to have the settings only changed locally for the CV chapter?

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Well, I guess you do not want to hear this, but the answer is: No, it is not possible.

The reason for this is, that you are for example using command \section in your thesis, but package koma-moderncvclassic also wants to use it and redefined it to get the colored line in front of the section header.

So you can only have the \section defined in your thesis or in the package, but not both together.

There are only two possibilitys for you I can see:

  1. Use package pdfpages (see documentation with texdoc pdfpages in your terminal/console) to include the cv into your thesis or
  2. Copy package koma-moderncvclassic.sty to mykoma-moderncvclassic.sty and rework all used commands in it conflicting with commands with the same name in your thesis like \section to \mysection etc. Do not forget that the cv also uses a command \maketitle. If you want to use a bibliography in your cv you have the next problem using two bibliographys in your combined document. Last not least package koma-moderncvclassic.sty does not rebuild all possibilities you have in class moderncv. Depending on your current cv you have to recreate the missing commands for package mykoma-moderncvclassic.sty. To be honest it is not worth the work you will have with this!


The only real way to add an cv build with moderncv class into your thesis is to use point 1 (pdfpages).

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