For a PhD thesis cover template in our university, there is some code as follow:

%%% Jury member n1 (Président) %%%
\newcommand{\jurynameA}{M. Cabot}
\newcommand{\juryroleA}{Président du jury}
%%% Jury member n2 (Rapporteur) %%%
\newcommand{\jurynameB}{M. Blonde}
\newcommand{\juryroleB}{Rapporteur} % 
%%% Jury member n3 (Rapporteur) %%%
\newcommand{\jurynameC}{M. Blue}
%%% Jury member n4 (Examinateur) %%%
\newcommand{\jurynameD}{M. Brown}
%%% Jury member n5 (Examinateur) %%%
\newcommand{\jurynameE}{M. Orange}
\newcommand{\jurygradeE}{One more rank}
%%% Jury member n6 (Directeur) %%%
\newcommand{\jurynameF}{M. Pink}
\newcommand{\juryroleF}{Directeur de thèse}
%%% Jury member n7 (Co-Directeur) %%%
\newcommand{\jurynameG}{M. White}
\newcommand{\juryroleG}{Co-Directeur de thèse}

    \textsc{\jurynameA}  & \jurygradeA & (\juryroleA) \\
    \null  & \textit{\juryadressA} & \\

    \textsc{\jurynameB}  & \jurygradeB & (\juryroleB) \\
    \null  & \textit{\juryadressB} & \\

    \textsc{\jurynameC}  & \jurygradeC & (\juryroleC) \\
    \null  & \textit{\juryadressC} & \\

    \textsc{\jurynameD}  & \jurygradeD & (\juryroleD) \\
    \null  & \textit{\juryadressD} & \\

    \textsc{\jurynameE}  & \jurygradeE & (\juryroleE) \\
    \null  & \textit{\juryadressE} & \\

    \textsc{\jurynameF}  & \jurygradeF & (\juryroleF) \\
    \null  & \textit{\juryadressF} & \\

    \textsc{\jurynameG}  & \jurygradeG & (\juryroleG) \\
    \null  & \textit{\juryadressG} & \\


I was wondering if it would be possible to input data more easily (something like \addmember{M. Pink}{Yourplace}{HDR}{Directeur de thèse}), and then have the table generated automatically without worrying about the number of jury members (some people may have 4 members, some up to 8).

In Python for instance, I would have used a list of dict (or just of lists if I did not care about semantics), each dict describing a jury member, and would have iterated over that list to write the table. Is it possible to do something like that with LaTeX?

  • pgfplotstable allows you to typeset a table from a dataset you load.
    – user121799
    Feb 28 '19 at 0:18

Here's one way to do it using standard LaTeX methods from etoolbox and pgffor.

    \typeout{Warning: your committee has too many members! Extra members ignored.}
\foreach \x in {1,...,\value{members}}{
\csuse{juryname\x} &
\csuse{jurygrade\x} &
&\itshape\csuse{juryadress\x} &\tabularnewline
\addmember{M. Cabot}{Montréal}{PhD}{Président du jury}
\addmember{M. Blonde}{Trois Rivières}{PhD}{Rapporteur}
\addmember{M. Brun}{Québec}{PhD}{Examinateur}
\addmember{M. Vert}{Paris}{PhD}{Examinateur}
\addmember{M. Gris}{Montréal}{PhD}{Directeur de thèse}

output of code

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