Could someone help me with this problem with my document?

Instead of generating the following:

% % % %

Chapter 1


% % % %

I would like the following text:

% % % %


% % % %

Please note the capital letters. I'm wondering because my institution have specific guidelines for writing thesis and I'm struggling with that.

Trying by myself I got this

I Título

2.1 Sección

2.1.1 Subsección

By using this code


Which is pretty close to what I need, then I only need, then I only need to add the word "CAPÍTULO" on each heading just before it's number in roman and in capital letter to see like this:


I'm done, I simply wrote the chapter's name on capital letter on the main text and added this code

\def\@makechapterhead#1{{\raggedright\Large\bfseries CAPÍTULO \thechapter:\space #1\par\nobreak\vskip 10\p@}}
\def\@makeschapterhead#1{{\raggedright\Large\bfseries #1\par\nobreak\vskip 10\p@}}

and tha'ts it, I hope that won't affect too much the rest of the text.

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    Welcome to TeX.SX! You could take a look to titlesec package and it's documentation if you want to learn about such changes. But sure someone could give you a ready to use answer. (If you could add a MWE it would be a better question : tex.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/228/…)
    – koleygr
    Feb 28 '19 at 16:37

Looks like you have working code. If you want an example of how to do this conveniently using the titlesec package, just add

  {\huge\bf\uppercase}{CAPÍTULO \thechapter:}{0.5em}{}

to your preamble.

  • What if I also want to add a blank page after each chapter title page?
    – skan
    Jan 11 at 20:30

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