I have this odd issue when using \gls in TexStudio on one machine (it works as expected on my other computer):

When using \gls or \ref the program gives suggestions for what to link to. The problem is that for \gls is does not give me suggestions for my glossary entries but instead the reference entries and only those. It's not a big deal to just write it out but sometimes the entries are similar and it autocompletes to the wrong one. For example, I have a glossary term "ps" and some other entry "pss". When I try to write \gls{ps}, it keeps correcting it to \gls{pss} when I close the bracket. I then have to go back and delete the second 's'. Does anyone know what may cause this suggestion linking issue? I have one main .tex where the document is set and glossary terms are defined and "include" other chapters.

Thank you for your help!

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