I did some search but could not find a similar question. Thank you for sending me a link if there's one. My question is as follows:

For convenience when writing latex, I use a lot of custom commands without any input arguments, such as \newcommand \eg {e.g.,}. In order to avoid elimination of the space afterwards, I need to add empty braces (i.e., \eg{}) when using it. However, this is annoying because I have to remember typing {} all the time or there will be mistakes.

So I want the auto-completion in TexStudio to output \eg{} when I type \eg.

If I modify my command into \newcommand \eg [1] {e.g.,}, the auto-completion in TexStudio gives \eg{arg1} instead of \eg{}. This is not what I want because I have to delete arg1 manually. I found ShareLatex and Overleaf can achieve this, but I do not want to switch to them.

Thank you in advance for helping me.

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